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Austria's far-right Freedom Party ministers all resign amid scandal It comes after their party leader was caught on tape offering contracts to an oligarch's daughter.
London Bridge attack inquests: Doctor left bar on lockdown to help victims An off-duty medic begged staff to unlock the door so he could help victims of the London Bridge attack.
Eiffel Tower evacuated after man spotted climbing up its side The Paris landmark has been evacuated and the police are on the scene.
Vincent Lambert: French doctors begin halting life support France is divided over the case of Vincent Lambert, who has been in a vegetative state since 2008.
Frenchman sentenced to death over Indonesia drug smuggling Félix Dorfin was convicted of trafficking about 3kg (6.6lb) of various drugs into Indonesia.
Milkshake hits Brexit campaigner Farage The Brexit Party leader had just given a short speech in Newcastle as part of a tour of the country.
Volodymyr Zelensky: Comedian-president calls snap election At his swearing-in, Mr Zelensky also said achieving peace in eastern Ukraine would be his priority.
Is Russia trying to sway the European elections? EU officials say Russian disinformation could help boost the vote for anti-EU parties. Is the threat being exaggerated?
What's at stake in the EU elections Europe is preparing for a key test of democracy with elections to the European parliament later this week.
'Mini Monet' Kieron Williamson fulfils Venetian dream The child art prodigy makes his first trip abroad as he follows in the footsteps of his favourite painters.
Emiliano Sala's father: 'They left him alone like a dog' The parents of footballer Emiliano Sala talk of their pain after his plane crash death.
German warning over 'new eurozone crisis' A senior adviser to the German government fears another European financial crisis could be brewing.
Vanport: Oregon's Lost City Vanport City was born out of WWII as the Oregon Shipbuilding Company rushed to provide housing for the influx of workers in the shipyards. By 1943 it was the second-largest city in Oregon and remains the largest government housing project ... 13145 20 918 secs
Beer Pong Teaser A short teaser for a planned documentary on beer pong that I just ran out of time to finish during my college career. Perhaps I'll revisit it someday. 213 0 220 secs
Snoring Dog Roxy is a sleeepy dog. 81 1 32 secs
Portland Snow - Feb 2018 Portland got a late winter snow. I took the drone up for a few shots. 17 0 126 secs
Damnwells Ustream Show- Feb 2 Track List:
00:50 - Sell The Life
5:35 - Are you a Murderer or my Wife?
8:50 - Louisville
17:00 - NY City Skyline
23:50 - I'll Be Around
28:20 - Dandelion
34:01 - Like It Is
41:17 - I ...
154 0 5690 secs
Wanderlust A mock pilot episode for a new Discovery Channel show where each week the show's host travels the world searching for the world's most dangerous animals. 1644 3 320 secs
How to Create a Quick Teaser Video for a Blog Post (With a Placeit Template) Do you want a quick and easy way to promote your blog posts on social media? Video is one of the best ways to capture people’s attention as they scroll through their feed. Using a Placeit template, you can easily ...
25+ Best Joomla Personal Blog Templates for 2018 When it comes to content management systems, Joomla is a versatile and popular CMS that can be used for all types of websites. From business to portfolio sites, Joomla can help you get your business online and show potential customers ...
20 Best Food Blog & WordPress Website Recipe Themes According to a study of Google search trends, food blogs are the second most popular type of blog (ranked between fashion blogs and travel blogs). And it’s easy to see why–cooking is an essential part of life for everyone, and ...

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