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Vanport: Oregon's Lost City Vanport City was born out of WWII as the Oregon Shipbuilding Company rushed to provide housing for the influx of workers in the shipyards. By 1943 it was the second-largest city in Oregon and remains the largest government housing project ... 13235 20 918 secs
Portland Snow - Feb 2018 Portland got a late winter snow. I took the drone up for a few shots. 17 0 126 secs
Puppies from the same litter meeting for the first time Samson meets his brother Goose and sister Stella after being seperated for 4 months from when they were puppies. 152 1 108 secs
Snoring Dog Roxy is a sleeepy dog. 84 1 32 secs
Kaleidoscope I received a beautiful kaleidoscope from my grandmother for Christmas. This video doesn't do justice to the mesmerizing images it produce but I thought I'd see what I could capture using an iPhone. 162 0 60 secs
Wanderlust A mock pilot episode for a new Discovery Channel show where each week the show's host travels the world searching for the world's most dangerous animals. 1645 3 320 secs
Hard Drive Setup Mike asked about my setup and here it is!
Maxtor (300GB) - Backup drive for laptop plus scratch disk for 1-2 projects.
ICY DOCK (300GB) - 90GB of scratch disk and the rest is all photos, music, etc.
271 4 209 secs
Oktoberfest - Mt. Angel, OR This awesome band was playing in one of the tents at Oktoberfest. I think their name is "Die Schlauberger" and apparently they're America's No. 1 German band. Notice the keytar and the drunken drummer and the electric guitars. FANTASTIC! A ... 205 0 213 secs
Beer Pong Teaser A short teaser for a planned documentary on beer pong that I just ran out of time to finish during my college career. Perhaps I'll revisit it someday. 214 0 220 secs
Vanport Hunter Chris messing around with the camera shortly after the Charles Sutton interview for the documentary "Vanport: Oregon's Lost City" 409 1 22 secs
Damnwells Ustream Show- Feb 2 Track List:
00:50 - Sell The Life
5:35 - Are you a Murderer or my Wife?
8:50 - Louisville
17:00 - NY City Skyline
23:50 - I'll Be Around
28:20 - Dandelion
34:01 - Like It Is
41:17 - I ...
154 0 5690 secs
String Me Along I decided to change the strings and do a tune-up on my guitar today and turned the camera on to record it. First time using medium gauge strings on this guitar and I like the sound so far. I decided ... 230 1 562 secs
7x7 : Week of Aug 28 1) Beautiful sunset driving up the I-5 from Eugene to Portland.
2) Woke up to find that my alopecia areata (autoimmune condition) was back in full force. Sucks.
3) Jessica singing to the Wicked soundtrack on the drive up to ...
106 0 49 secs
Charity Water - Birthday Campaign I'm asking for $28 from everyone I know -- and every penny of the money raised will go directly to fund clean water projects in developing nations. Even better, charity: water will show us exactly which projects we funded once ... 261 2 105 secs
7x7 : Week of Aug 11th 1) Roxy destroying a stick during a picnic by the river. 2) Amazing beer bottle collection at Falling Rock Taphouse in Denver, CO. 3) Bill Coors signing copies of his book. 4) Bedroom my grandmother lived in for a summer ... 50 2 49 secs
Vaughn_CARETX This video is about Vaughn_CARETX 42 0 139 secs
Me Right Now | Apr 27, 1 31 28 PM Me Right Now at the top of Silver Star mountain in Washington, Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood in the background. Also, I appear to be snacking on something. 173 0 19 secs
Costa Rica Montage Found this old video sitting around my hard drive. Was probably from about 2 years ago and was thrown together quickly for some sort of extra credit assignment in a college class.
If I ever manage to re-capture my footage ...
197 0 225 secs
13x7 : Aug 26-27, Hood to Coast 32 hours, 17 miles, 4 hours of sleep.
1) Jessica prepping for Hood to Coast. [Thurs, 11:50pm]
2) Jessica B getting ready for the first leg. [Fri, 3:20am]
3) Jessica B starting the first leg. [Fri, 3:30am]
4) Starting my ...
108 0 97 secs

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